BCA department has taken BCA 2nd year and Final year students for an INDUSTRIAL VISIT on 27th March, at TRAINING BASKET (in association WITH IIHT, REDHAT, LIKYA & team lease, NOIDA SEC-62. The students were taken there to get an Industrial exposure. The students became aware of Live Scenario of Cloud Infrastructure and VMware Server .TRAINING BASKET is among the largest and most experienced education/training & Development organization established in 2010 to promote educational exchange around the world through various programs and services including fellowship/Internship and scholarship management, education institutional development & leadership development. Industrial Visit’s main focus was to make aware students about Industry oriented technologies Like Red Hat, VMware, Cloud Computing etc., & Placement opportunities in Corporate. Students attended workshop on Python, Red Hat Linux and were given a Placement Talk and opportunities in various companies. Students appreciated the company and they conveyed thanks to all speaker who guided them about future technologies and there working.




Home decorating trends 2018

Pop art interior is the in thing today. It makes an object strike out to gain prominence and break the monotony. Thus is also becomes the centre of attraction. This trend is growing day by day and more and more connoisseurs are turning to pop art to help up the décor of their house.

There are many ways of doing pop art interior but the biggest trend of 2012, when the idea really caught up, was to use a  little of metallic in with any strong color, texture, or style, to make the desired object – often a decorative piece, or a wall space, stand out.

For long pop art has for long been in vogue in advertising, product labeling and logos. It was once considered a luxury but has caught up with the next gen…. As a designer aptly described it, this “art” has now been transformed to be made available in a myriad of materials. Name any item of interior designing, and it is conspicuously visible — in wall and furniture finishes, leathers and vinyl fabrics, lighting, accessories etc .

Indeed pop art is adding a bit of sparkle to interiors. It is all about mood, fun and action and the vibrant colours and their blends in pop art interior are best suited for high activity areas like living room, lounge or entertainment areas. Kids just love the sparkle while teenagers love to use it in their room in a way that could reflect their personality.

There are many products that one can opt for pop art– cushions, wall papers, accessories, lights; bed coverings, rugs.

Graphics printed mirrors; traditional prints in larger scales & bolder colors, funky paintings, mix n match sofa upholstery and curtain; some offbeat accessories… Pop art indeed offers a lot of scope to make you reflect your true personality, your way.

So get the “in thing”.

Interior pop is a grand way to use space as  canvas to express identity with greatest impact.

Today, expanding on the pop art movement of the 1959’s and 60’s, designers are using “bold and figurative graphics- reworking these ideas and meaning within contemporary three dimensional architectural spaces”.

In interiors, pop art interior is an experiment for which you need to truly know the artist in you. Remember, while bold colors and cuts blend well, they can also have a devastating effect in the room if used wrongly. The room will look like a messed up color palette if the contrasting do not harmonize, try adding just a painting and a few funky accessories. But if you are well versed in the effects of colors, take bold steps. Try painting walls of changing soft furnishings.

How to select Art for your interiors – Ar. Sherina Siraj

A good piece of art can bring a lot of drama into your space. It can act as the starting point of you concept and at the same time it can also be the perfect finishing touch to your design. Here are a few pointers to note before you invest in them for your home.


While selecting an artwork, keep in mind the color scheme you have chosen for the room in which you are planning to place it. The colors in the artwork should compliment your space. It can never go wrong if you select two prominent colors in your interiors and buy a piece that matches with these.


Select a piece that is done in portrait orientation for a tall wall/room and use a piece that is done in landscape orientation for a wide wall/room.


One of the very popular interior design trends is to have a gallery wall in your space. A gallery wall is a wall where you hang a mix of prints, photographs as well as artwork by using a creative layout that goes with your room.


Use high quality frames to highlight your artwork. The framing can also add drama to an otherwise subtle painting. The material of the frame should match the materials you have chosen for your interiors. For eg: A metal frame can be used for an artwork in a room where the prominent materials are glass and metal, whereas a wooden framework for a space that has wood, fabric etc as the main materials.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Shailesh Kumar

Mr. Shailesh Kumar , an independent Indian journalist, have worked with leading news channels such as News X , Star News, B.A.G Films and India TV  delivered an informative session to the students of Mass Communication. He shared his experience of covering Crime News with the help of various videos. He discussed the various qualities of a good journalist along with the importance of Sources. Moreover, He made students familiarize with the concept of News Value and News Distribution..


Overall, Students appreciated the session and learnt about the importance of news stories.



Guest speaker ID

Guest Speaker for this month was  Mrs  Ankita Sweety  and  Mr  Pratoosh Chandan,   Partner at studio AVT, The one hour presentation by them which was followed by an interactive session with the students ended on a productive note.
DATE :14TH March 2018
TIME : 12:30  PM -2 PM
TOPIC :Colors speak louder than words