BBA Guest Lecture

Name of the speaker : Mr. Afzal Alam

Date 17th Oct’2018

Topic : Supply Chain Management

Course: BBA-1 & 5

With technology taking over almost all of the manual jobs, the day is not far when human involvement would be relegated to the level of simply monitoring the machines and analyzing the data obtained from them. Leveraging the advancement in technology, DHL- the world’s largest logistics company –has created a chain of ‘smart warehouses’ where virtually every job is done with the help of pre-programmed machines. To make the students of BBA aware of the real time supply chain and logistics management of organizations such as DHL, a guest lecture was organized on the on the 17th of Oct’2018.The speaker ,Mr.Afzal Alam –Accounts manager for Michelin tyres with DHL, spoke about what made companies like Amazon and Flipkart successful. In an hour long lecture, he talked about automation and how its  integration with supply chain had made the delivery system fast and foolproof. To give a more practical touch to the lecture , Mr.Afzal showed videos of the fully automated warehouses.

All in all, a highly informative lecture. Mr. Afzal concluded with offering to take a few students from BBA to a DHL warehouse to witness its actual functioning.


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