Chase your passion ……


Passion is the ignition key that propels the engine of desire to move forward and achieve the so called unachievable. Fortunate are those who manage to discover the passions of their hearts and follow them till they transform into a feeling of tangible reality. Looking around, one finds umpteen examples of people who dreamt and desired with open eyes; moved ahead on the road of their dreams but not without fixing a destination. It is these very people who serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of the world today. These were the people who never got tired working on their heart’s passion.

Most of us complain of getting fatigued after a day’s work. Is this tiredness on account of the load of work? If  that be so, then why were  Thomas Edison and Einstein never tired.  With a huge number of relevant discoveries and inventions attached to their names, it appears that they were working day and night on their dream projects. They went on with their heart and soul despite heartbreaking failures that they encountered on the way. The difference lies in doing a job for inner fulfillment and doing it merely for monetary gains . Those who chase passions and care about their inner conscience are able to turn their dreams effortlessly into reality and money just follows  while those who pursue money end up tired and exhausted at the end of the day.

Material gains and riches are just labels that fade away with time; what lives on forever is the change that you made in the lives of millions with that small seed of desire that germinated  somewhere in some remote corner of your heart. Success is not determined by how much money you earned in your lifetime but with the intellectual  and inner satisfaction of having done something worthwhile .

Name : Gurmeet Sodhi

Designation : Assistant Professor

Department : BBA



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