Industrial visit to “Yakult” on the 6th of Sept’2018


On the 6th of Sept’2018 , the students of BBA -3 had the opportunity to visit the Yakult plant at Sonepat. A 50-50 joint venture between Yakult Honsha ,Japan and Danone  of France, the plant has the capacity to produce almost 10 lakh bottles per day.

The visit began with the PR officer of the company giving a presentation on the history of Yakult. The students were informed about how this probiotic drink helped improve the digestion and immunity. An overview of the process of production in the presentation went a long way in getting a grasp of the actual manufacturing & packaging that students got to see during the tour of the plant. Talking about the launch of new drinks , the company official informed that Yakult had recently launched a  variant with low-sugar content for the health conscious consumers.

A question-answer round after the visit addressed a number of queries that students had about the production and distribution of the Yakult drinks. The visit was , on the whole , highly informative and educative.




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