Industrial Visit to Network Bulls on 7/9/18

BCA Students of all semesters were taken for an industrial visit to Asia’s Biggest Cisco Training Labs at Network Bulls in Gurgaon where students will get an opportunity to acquire live theoretical and practical training on networking and working of Cisco Routers, Switches, and Firewalls. They have seen Data Center fully equipped with over 2000 Cisco Routers, Switches, Firewalls, IPS Systems, ISE Servers, Call Managers, IP Phones and a lot more over there. The Visit was taken under control of CISCO Trainer Mr. Yogesh Khurana.

Students get benefitted by this Industrial Visit as Students have gone through in-depth learning of Cisco Networking and how networks work in the real industry. During the visit, students helped students to know about Career options and growing scope in the networking field. It was a good option for the students who lack an interest in programming and don’t like coding. Students got the opportunity to practice on real live devices & get experience.

Workshop on CISCO Networking and Career opportunities


The workshop was organized for BCA students of all semesters on 6th September 2019. It was taken by Mr. Siddharth Tiwari. Siddharth Tiwari is a CCNP CISCO Certified Network Engineer working in Network Bulls. He is a keen traveler also who traveled over the world including India, China, Japan, Bangladesh, and Europe. Throughout his life, he has always taken a great interest in computer and Internet and did course in Computer Networking and Internet Technology in Stevenson College, Edinburgh, U.K.

He delivered an in-depth learning of Cisco Networking during the workshop which will help students to know about Career options and growing scope in the networking field. This workshop has given a different exposure to real-world challenges and opportunities. The various topics covered were Basics of Networking, Scope of networking, Virtual Private Network by giving daily life examples so that the students can correlate, Different devices details like routers, switches, hubs etc, Different networks like WAN, MAN, LAN, VAN,,About Firewalls, proxies,OSI model of networking,EIGRP Configuration, Creating VLANs,Telnet Configuration, Adding IP address, Enable Password ,Career growth in the networking field



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