Industrial Visit of ID Students

All ID students were taken to Asian paint showroom at connaught place on 29th august 2018 . during the visit the students got an opportunity to explore the developments in the field of wall paper, colour, wood finishes and accessories . they could learn about the colours and their variants for interior as well as exterior finishing.
students were divided into three groups. each group was provided a guide from Asian paint to explain about different types of colour, wall paper , wood finishes and their new products introduced recently in the market.

Need For the Skilled Students in the Present Education Scenario


India is one of the most populated countries of the world .With rich diversity in culture and known for rich traditions, India is also one of the progressing countries making it to TOP 50 Countries of the world. Although India had a rich education system, however with the new technologies coming into existence, employers in India continue to state that the educated graduates are not well educated or skilled for the employment in their industries.

Stakeholders  of the Education System:

In various parts of the world, education is one of the important need to ascertain the different concepts of the technology and industry. Academicians and Employers are the primary recipients of the graduate employability attribute developments and their views.  As per the recent trends, it has been observed that the role of the academic qualifications of the students is increasingly reducing and in order to add value to the employability opportunities, students are in dire need of the skill component. The employers are likely to recruit those students who are more skill oriented and has a combination of the relevant employability attributes necessary for the job performance.

Skills of Employability:

Some of the skills that can help in employability can be listed as below:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Teamwork Skills
  3. Problem-solving Skills
  4. Initiative and Enterprise Skills
  5. Planning and Organization Skills
  6. Learning Skills
  7. Technology Skills
  8. Self-Management Skills


In simple words it can be said that the success of the students in the present knowledge based economy will increase only when they are more equipped with their skills and unlike the previous scenario their jobs do not depend on the marks obtained in various subjects. Today’s economy and society increasingly demands people with an ability to cope with change and adapt quickly to new environments and people.  

In order for people to achieve a desired performance at a task they must be provided with opportunities to perform the actions required so they can improve their performance at this task until they master it. Training should be about activities, scenarios, and simulation. Such curriculum is nowadays being developed and distributed by AICTE and AICTE has taken an initiative to provide the skill oriented education through SKP.


Poonam Verma

Lajpat nagar

Industrial Visit of BBA Students at Parle G

Industrial visit to Parle-G

Course : BBA-1

Date : 21st Aug’2018

The students of BBA-1 (Batch 2018-21)


On the 21st of Aug’2018 , students of BBA I (Batch 2018-21) went for an industrial trip to Parle G- the owner of the famous biscuit brand –Parle-G. The visit began with the HR executive explaining the working of the plant through an animation film. This was a movie on the illustrious eighty- year journey of the company in the world of biscuits & confectionary. While throwing light on the  manufacturing processes & hygiene standards maintained during the production, the company representative also apprised the students of the recruitment and the general management processes of Parle-G. This was followed by students being taken around the fully automated manufacturing plant. The students were also given a chance to interact with the company representatives and have their doubts cleared about aspects such as manufacturing, marketing, distribution, supply chain , logistics and so and so forth.

The visit was, all in all, highly enjoyable and the students came back with beautiful memories to cherish forever.


IMG-20180821-WA0030IMG-20180821-WA0029IMG-20180821-WA0026 (1)IMG-20180821-WA0011

Madhubani Painting Workshop


Date : 16 August 2018

Time  : 1 pm to 4 pm

Topic:   Madhubani Painting and how it’s used in interiors

Instructor:   Ms Preeti Pathak

Professor & Freelance Artist

Batches:    Ist, IIIrd and Vth

The students were introduced to the topic using a power point presentation by the instructor, where she gave them an overview of the history, classifications, materials and techniques used to create the art form. They were also shown examples of how the technique is used to create vibrant interiors and accessories.

The students were then given designs which they were asked to recreate with the help of the instructor.

The workshop was a success and the students got an insight on how to use this traditional painting technique in contemporary and modern interiors.