Industrial Visit to Coca Cola

On the 5th of April’2018 ,JIMS, Lajpat Nagar organized an industrial visit for BBA-4 students to the Coca –Cola factory located in Noida.

The visit began with the students being given a presentation about the inception and growth of the brand Coca-Cola.  This was followed by a guided tour to the vault – a veritable replica of the original one in United States; it was here that the representatives apprised the students of the processes that went into the production, packaging and sterilization of the ingredients of the much loved beverage. This was , however, not all. A trip to the heritage section of the plant was equally enlightening. The history of the company revealed the various phases of its evolution and expansion; from a one product organization , it has today grown to a gigantic pool of  3,800 products. The other section that held the attention of the students included the Coke studio with its captivating Santa story. The representatives also elaborated on the various corporate social responsibility initiatives being taken by the company.

The fun visit ended with a friendly interaction over various drinks manufactured by the company.



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