Grooming – Stairway to Success

Being hospitality professional is a challenging yet a refreshing change from a boring every day wear,  as grooming in hotel industry is an essential skill one needs to edge. The emphasis of grooming in hospitality industry can be stated fact that it is more than a profession; it is a lifestyle that requires personality, charm, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, care, respect and pride. It is a exhausting job that requires not only professional skills but also a personal change of life style. By Grooming we are not only implying clothing and grooming in the hotel industry. A positive first impression takes you way  beyond how we look (appearance) and what we do (body language) to the way we present our self, communicate and serve others.


Therefore, regardless of your position in this industry or for any other organization, whether you are serving guests directly or working at the back of the house, you are in the business of customer satisfaction and striving for the best. The importance of grooming in hospitality industry cannot be ignored. Hence, making the first impression the best and lasting appearance will assure the excellence that you as part of  your corporate image promise and provide. Carry the right attitude is the key to success.



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