Forgiveness –The Final form of Love

Love comes in all forms and with it comes hope, compassion, respect, expectations, hurt, patience and many more responsibilities. Love is often being confused as an obligation of agreeing always to whom we love, though another perspective can be love is respecting one’s opinion, it is absence of judgment, it is discussing, and debating and hence agreeing to disagree. Love does not set limitations, it does not bound, and on the contrary it sets us free. It is liberating, relieving pain, growing, exploring new horizons and most importantly Love is forgiving. In forgiveness peace can be found, our soul calms down and a harmony is created in the environment. Anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, Insecurity is for the weak. Strength comes from happiness and happiness is found in compassion, empathy and forging ahead with new goals and working towards them. All this is no way means compromising on self respect, or demeaning oneself or for that matter bowing down always. In nutshell change the battlefield from petty small things to fight for great achievements, lift yourself up with confidence, without begrudging. Be happy where you are, be thankful to whatever you have, give back to society in any form. Forgiving is the ultimate form of Love, it relieves us from sufferings, pain and agony. More we liberate our soul, more happiness we create……….


Anupama Munshi


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