Is gender equality restricted to social and economic empowerment

The Inter Campus Debate Competition this year was an opportunity for the participants to voice their views on the widely discussed and publicized issue of gender equality. Talking about the glass ceiling that exists for women in various spheres of life, the participants speaking against the motion argued that if the need of the hour was a balanced society, then it was important for us  to go far beyond the  social and economic empowerment . They strongly felt that if a woman truly had the merit and intellect to perform , then , along with her male counterparts , she must be given a fair chance to prove herself worthy of the position in question. Those arguing in favour of the motion felt that women like Indra Nooyi, Chanda Kochhar, Naina Lal Kidwai  and many others like them had already excelled themselves in their respective fields as the economic and social empowerment  awarded to them enabled them to do so and that there was no further need for any other kind of empowerment; Any woman with the will to make a  career, they felt, could do so with the  resources already  given to her.Arguing fervently in favor of the stands picked up by them , the participants truly took the competition to a different level.

The competition concluded with Vibhuti (for the mostion)of Greater Noida Campus and Aayush (against the motion)of Lajpat Nagar campus both bagging the first prize. The second prize went to Dhriti (For the motion) of Vasant Kunj Campus and Tarak (Against the motion) of Greater Noida Campus.

For putting forth his case with zeal and eloquence , a prize for outstanding performance was given to Dhruv of Lajpat Nagar campus.

In the Post Graduate category both the first and the second prize were won by Kalkaji campus participants –Nidhi and Ritika respectively.