Guest lecture by Mr.Chandrashekhar

Beginning with the question “Do you have dreams in life?”,Mr. Chandrashekhar -an Alumnus of IIT Delhi and a corporate trainer – set the tone for the session that was about to unfold. In an hour and a half long lecture, he talked about the potential of the brain to conceive and achieve what is considered impossible by most people. The first step towards success, he mentioned, was to unlock the power concealed in the brain. Quoting from the lives of successful people , he said all of them had faced bitter and heartbreaking failures before they tasted success; adding experience to life and suggesting alternative ways of doing things, failures , he said were stepping stones and not ailments to worry about. Since the lecture was on “Entrepreneurship” , he suggested that the  students  write down their dreams and make a blueprint of how they were going to achieve them. Urging them all to be masters of their destinies and to learn to control the situations surrounding their lives, he maintained that all of them were born champions and could achieve anything with their brain power and will.




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