BCA : 2 day Workshop in R Language

BCA department has organized Two day workshop on R Language for all semester students. It was on 18th January and 19th January. The speaker Eg. Kuldeep Singh ( Mtech) is working as an data Analyst Expert in Infotyke – Delhi. On the 1th of Jan’2018 , R is a system used for statistical analyses. It is software now-a-days very much in demand in the IT Industry. R has many functions for statistical analyses and graphics and supports all different format and unstructured, semi structured data as well. R is the most comprehensive statistical analysis package available. It incorporates all of the standard statistical tests, models, and analyses, as well as providing a comprehensive language for managing and manipulating data.

New technology and ideas often appear first in R. The results from a statistical analysis are displayed on the screen, , can easily be visualized and understands, can be further be  written in a file, or used in subsequent analyses. R is cross-platform. R runs on many operating systems and different hardware. It is popularly used on GNU/Linux, Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows, running on both 32 and 64 bit processors. R plays well with many other tools, importing data, for example, from CSV les, SAS, and SPSS, or directly from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Oracle, MySQL, and SQLite. It can also produce graphics output in PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG formats, and table output for LATEX and HTML.It is also possible to combine in single program different statistical functions to perform more complex analyses. The lecture ended with the speaker advising the students to know thoroughly about R and it is an Open source, freely available software and soon will be taking over the Industry for analytical purposes. The students appreciated the workshop and learnt it with curiosity to make it as career in future.




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