Web Frameworks


In the fast growth of the world of the web, AngularJS Development Companies has been able to bring upon the most recent innovation and trend in the world of web. Picking the right framework is vital for the web to extend, which causes developers to build up an application, that has  full consistency with the business manager, as well as it can keep up and redesign later. AngularJS, React, Backbone, Ember and Jquery are the famous JavaScript system.


Angular JS- Angular JS is the popular open framework supported by Google. Dependency injection, two-way data binding between model and views, easy testing of the code and inherited capabilities of HTML by using directives are the unique and unique features of AngularJS. It is used when a single modular framework is required to build a web application services or complicated web front- end application. It has a two way data binding and is supported by the google. Although it has complicated directories with prototypal inheritance.

  • Categorization of the application with Angular JS is very easy into several types such as: Controller, Directories, Factories, Filters, services, and views.


Backbone.js is a framework that allows you to structure your JavaScript code in an MVC. It listens to DOM events and also listens for changes to your models and collections and redraws the DOM appropriately. It offers an easy documentation and codes to build your own framework. The biggest drawback of Backbone is that, instead of providing structure, it provides some basic tools to create structure. To update the view whenever your model changes, and to update the model whenever your view changes, you have to write a lot of boilerplate, because of lack support for two-way data binding.



The best framework for designing web applications is non-other than EmberJS, which has heavy reliance on “tradition over design”. It deals with the community modules with two way data binding and easy to share the templates between the server and client side, however the framework is more complex and needs to be considered with care.

This has been the basic difference between the different web frameworks.



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