BBA Guest Lecture

Name of the speaker : Mr. Afzal Alam

Date 17th Oct’2018

Topic : Supply Chain Management

Course: BBA-1 & 5

With technology taking over almost all of the manual jobs, the day is not far when human involvement would be relegated to the level of simply monitoring the machines and analyzing the data obtained from them. Leveraging the advancement in technology, DHL- the world’s largest logistics company –has created a chain of ‘smart warehouses’ where virtually every job is done with the help of pre-programmed machines. To make the students of BBA aware of the real time supply chain and logistics management of organizations such as DHL, a guest lecture was organized on the on the 17th of Oct’2018.The speaker ,Mr.Afzal Alam –Accounts manager for Michelin tyres with DHL, spoke about what made companies like Amazon and Flipkart successful. In an hour long lecture, he talked about automation and how its  integration with supply chain had made the delivery system fast and foolproof. To give a more practical touch to the lecture , Mr.Afzal showed videos of the fully automated warehouses.

All in all, a highly informative lecture. Mr. Afzal concluded with offering to take a few students from BBA to a DHL warehouse to witness its actual functioning.


Animals of Intellect


We are all animals of intellect, guided by pros and cons, odds and evens, ifs and buts, dos and don’ts. In medicine body scan parameters guide us; in academics masters and doctorates give us our sense of nirvana; in finances annual reports, balance sheets, investments, growth strategies determine the degree of our contentment; and in familial bonds, birthday wishes, anniversaries greetings, number of friends and social events we attend are the indicators of our emotional well being.

We base our major decisions, our biggest leaps and riskiest ventures on intellect, inferences and reports. It is our intellect that we constantly strive to improve without realizing that intellect is not only subjective, more like a perspective on the matter but also a byproduct of the times we live in, the civilization we come from and the social environments we are exposed to.

In our pursuit of intellect, we forget the basic instinct that Mother Nature has so generously endowed us with. The instinct to accomplish, the instinct of hunger, the instinct of sleep, the instinct of listening to our bodies, the instinct to relish adventure and thrill, the instinct to create and procreate, the instinct to take or avoid risks- all take aback seat. We are so consumed by our quest for intellect that we chase numbers (another benchmark of intellect) – in medical reports, project reports or balance sheets. It is the intellect that the society and governance rewards, so we are convinced “intellect” is the most acceptable address to reside in.

The disease of intellect is asymptomatic by enlarge except for the occasional display of arrogance about “I know that I know”. Animals of intellect often suffer from “in order to” syndrome. They are in constant hurry to get to Point B and to be able to get to Point B they must first get at Point A. So if the goal post or say Point A is a leadership position, they must first kill all competition, if the goal post is a superior position, they must first prove that everybody else is inferior. However ill informed or depleted of facts, the arrogance of “I know that I know” gives them the confidence to sit in judgment.
Credit:Jamie King for Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Interestingly, we as animals of intellect don’t borrow much from the most intelligent animals on planet earth. Among the traits reflected in Squids, Spiders, Ants, Baboons, Chimpanzees and Orangutans are the level of curiosity, the ability to creatively withstand calamity and the ability to draw logical conclusions. Sea Lions are said to have better reasoning abilities than many of us, the animals of intellect. In fact, it is said that their ability to deduce and infer is much sharper than human beings. Also they are gentle and therefore, used as part of scuba diving teams!

We kill the instinct of an animal that we all are – the one who ventured out to hunt for a place under the sky, the one who ate what mother nature provided – uncooked and ripe, and the one who fought against the vagaries of the nature and paved way for Darwin’s survival theory.  We don’t strive to be fit, nor do we fight to survive, we don’t cry when in pain, we don’t laugh when happy, we don’t fight the unjust or celebrate what is just, we don’t even say that we are wronged, we don’t make victory sounds, nor share the cries of defeat. Well, we are all the animals of intellect- programmed to perfect intellect and forgetful of the animal called human. We cease to be human and that, therefore, is the biggest defeat of the intellect.


By: Preeti Surya

Head of Department, Mass Communication

JIMS, Lajpat Nagar

Chase your passion ……


Passion is the ignition key that propels the engine of desire to move forward and achieve the so called unachievable. Fortunate are those who manage to discover the passions of their hearts and follow them till they transform into a feeling of tangible reality. Looking around, one finds umpteen examples of people who dreamt and desired with open eyes; moved ahead on the road of their dreams but not without fixing a destination. It is these very people who serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of the world today. These were the people who never got tired working on their heart’s passion.

Most of us complain of getting fatigued after a day’s work. Is this tiredness on account of the load of work? If  that be so, then why were  Thomas Edison and Einstein never tired.  With a huge number of relevant discoveries and inventions attached to their names, it appears that they were working day and night on their dream projects. They went on with their heart and soul despite heartbreaking failures that they encountered on the way. The difference lies in doing a job for inner fulfillment and doing it merely for monetary gains . Those who chase passions and care about their inner conscience are able to turn their dreams effortlessly into reality and money just follows  while those who pursue money end up tired and exhausted at the end of the day.

Material gains and riches are just labels that fade away with time; what lives on forever is the change that you made in the lives of millions with that small seed of desire that germinated  somewhere in some remote corner of your heart. Success is not determined by how much money you earned in your lifetime but with the intellectual  and inner satisfaction of having done something worthwhile .

Name : Gurmeet Sodhi

Designation : Assistant Professor

Department : BBA


Guest lecture by Mr.Vir Phillip


Topic : Professional conduct ,skills and resume writing

Date : 12th Sep’2018

On the 12th of Sept’2018, the BBA department of JIMS,Lajpat Nagar organized a guest lecture for the students of BBA-1 & 5 on the topic ‘Professional conduct,skills  and resume writing’. The speaker, Mr.Vir Phillip, by way of role plays and activities , explained the concepts of team work, critical thinking , project planning and resume writing. Emphasizing that attitude counted more than the aptitude , he advised the students to accept responsibilities with zeal and enthusiasm. Mantra of success, he said , was work with dedication and sincerity. For those who participated and interacted well during the session , Mr.Phillip gave out prizes.

An interactive and informative session , the lecture was liked and enjoyed by all the students.



How to be an RJ? – Guest Lecture by Paragi Dubey

Date: 18 September 2018

Department: BMC

Guest Speaker: Paragi Dubey Sahdev

Topic: How to be an RJ?

About the Guest Lecture:

With over 17 Years of Experience in Radio and Television Industry, Paragi Dubey gave an insight about Radio Industry to students. She spoke about how important is it to have mind and tongue control while you are on air. She also emphasized on Improving Communication Skills. Moreover, Students learnt about RJ Link, Different Time Slots on Radio and Voice Modulation.


Guest lecture by Mr.Navneet  in BBA-3 ON 8th Sept’2018


One of the most informative lectures on marketing and media planning strategy of Dabur titled ‘Brand Activation : Connecting with the consumers ’ was held on the 8th of Septmber’2018 in the BBA 2nd year. Mr.Navneet-the brand activation manager(Pan India) -spoke on how Dabur made an emotional connect with the consumers on the ground. Explaining the concept through videos  shot during the execution of the plans , he made the students understand the strategic thinking that went behind designing successful campaigns . Speaking about the noticeable jump in the market share of products like Pudin hara & Vatika shampoo, he said it was all a result of a keen study of consumer psychology coupled with an understanding of the market.  Terming the strategy as ‘Experiential marketing’, he said execution and implementation followed planning and if two stages complemented each other , the results were always rewarding.

Advising the students to remain serious about their careers while enjoying the college life, he said that they must know their potential and be able to utilize it to its optimum level.  Gaining some extremely useful insights from the lecture, the students of BBA 2nd year wished that Mr. Navneet visit the college again for another session .

Industrial visit to “Yakult” on the 6th of Sept’2018


On the 6th of Sept’2018 , the students of BBA -3 had the opportunity to visit the Yakult plant at Sonepat. A 50-50 joint venture between Yakult Honsha ,Japan and Danone  of France, the plant has the capacity to produce almost 10 lakh bottles per day.

The visit began with the PR officer of the company giving a presentation on the history of Yakult. The students were informed about how this probiotic drink helped improve the digestion and immunity. An overview of the process of production in the presentation went a long way in getting a grasp of the actual manufacturing & packaging that students got to see during the tour of the plant. Talking about the launch of new drinks , the company official informed that Yakult had recently launched a  variant with low-sugar content for the health conscious consumers.

A question-answer round after the visit addressed a number of queries that students had about the production and distribution of the Yakult drinks. The visit was , on the whole , highly informative and educative.